SABIC Launches New Compounds to Boost ADAS Radar Performance

What’s Happening

In a significant development for the chemical industry, SABIC has announced the expansion of its specialty materials portfolio. They have introduced two new LNP™ STAT-KON™ compounds, specifically designed to enhance the functionality of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). These compounds present substantial advantages in promoting the use of millimeter wave (mmWave) radar, which could result in better sensor accuracy and range, thus bolstering safety for vehicle occupants and pedestrians alike.

Why It Matters

The introduction of LNP STAT-KON WDF40RID and WDF40RI compounds addresses a major hurdle of mmWave radar – the increased noise-to-signal ratio. By providing a high dissipation factor, these compounds aim to minimize noise interference during the radar signal transmission. With superior absorption and lower reflectivity than semi-crystalline glass filled materials, SABIC’s new glass fiber-reinforced grades set the stage for the creation of novel designs for internal and external single-layer absorbers or the optimization of conventional metal-backed absorbers.

Key Points

  • LNP STAT-KON WDF40RID compound shows high absorption and controlled reflection, thereby significantly reducing noise.
  • LNP STAT-KON WDF40RI compound, designed for metal-backed radar absorbers, can enhance radio wave absorption to almost 80% and reduce reflection to under 20%.
  • LNP STAT-KON WDF40RID compound’s improved flow rate enables thin walls for interior radar absorbers, reducing side lobe noise and providing more space for additional electronics.
  • Both compounds demonstrate consistent noise shielding performance across mmWave frequencies between 75 and 110GHz.
  • SABIC’s expanded specialty materials portfolio also includes ULTEM™, NORYL™ and EXTEM™ resins, and LNP™ FARADEX™, LNP™ KONDUIT™ and LNP™ THERMOCOMP™ compounds.

Bottom Line

SABIC’s two new specialty materials are set to revolutionize the ADAS ecosystem by reducing noise, improving radar resolution, and enabling the design of efficient internal and external radar absorbers. These advancements signify a major step forward in the vehicle safety sector and will contribute to the wider adoption of autonomous vehicles.


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