RoboSense Drives LiDAR Future at CES 2024

RoboSense, a LiDAR pioneer, takes center stage at CES 2024, unveiling next-generation sensors and showcasing impactful partnerships.

Buckle up for a glimpse into the future of autonomous driving and robotics at CES 2024 with RoboSense, a leading innovator in LiDAR technology. The company gears up to showcase its cutting-edge M Platform sensors and software solutions, redefining perception for smarter vehicles and machines.

Solid-State Prowess: Witness the unveiling of the newest member of the M Platform family, designed to empower Level 3 autonomous driving for global OEMs and Tier 1s. Experience the M1, the world’s first mass-produced automotive-grade solid-state LiDAR sensor, alongside the powerful M1 Plus. Both sensors are deployed by leading automakers, enhancing safety features and paving the way for more intelligent vehicles. Additionally, discover the E1, powered by RoboSense’s proprietary chip technology, delivering superior blind-spot detection for advanced navigation and safety in both cars and robots.

Mechanical Brilliance: Encounter the upgraded Ruby Plus, a 128-beam powerhouse built for Level 4 autonomous vehicle commercial operations. For precise short-range blind-spot detection, meet the BPearl, boasting an ultra-wide field of view. And explore the versatile Helios series, featuring 16- and 32-beam LiDAR sensors tailor-made for diverse applications from robotics to intelligent vehicles and V2X communication.

Software Symphony: Witness the magic of HyperVison, a full-stack system that harmonizes RoboSense sensors with powerful software, generating comprehensive data analytics for critical decision-making. This empowers customers to develop safer and more intelligent solutions.

Partnerships in Action: Immerse yourself in live demonstrations from RoboSense’s esteemed partners, Unitree and BOWE. Witness the agility of the Unitree B2 Quadruped Robot Dog and the efficiency of the BOWE Tugbot, both powered by RoboSense LiDAR. Renowned partners like AMD and TIER IV will also showcase RoboSense integrations within their booths, highlighting the crucial role RoboSense plays in their cutting-edge systems.

Join the Celebration: Don’t miss the RoboSense Happy Hour on Tuesday, January 9th, 4:00 – 6:00 pm PST, Booth #5172, LVCC West Hall. Mingle with industry leaders, explore the latest sensor innovations, and witness firsthand how RoboSense LiDAR is shaping the future of safety and autonomy across automotive and robotics landscapes.

“As the pioneers of mass-produced automotive-grade solid-state LiDAR, CES 2024 is the perfect platform to unveil our next-generation solutions,” says Dr. Steven Qui, RoboSense Founder and CEO. “Together with our valued partners, we invite you to experience the future of LiDAR and its transformative impact on the world of mobility.”

About RoboSense:

RoboSense is a leading LiDAR technology company specializing in high-performance, cost-effective LiDAR solutions for autonomous driving and robotics. As a Tier 1 supplier to OEMs globally, RoboSense continues to revolutionize perception technology through continuous innovation and a commitment to making LiDAR a key driver of smarter and safer mobility.


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