Rheinmetall’s Autonomous Vehicles Debut

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Rheinmetall is set to showcase its entire range of Mission Master autonomous vehicles for the first time at Canada’s premier defense industry event. Attendees will experience the unique capabilities of the Mission Master SP, XT, and the newest addition, the CXT. Additionally, Rheinmetall will display its advanced simulation and other cutting-edge military technologies.

Key Highlights:

  • Mission Master SP, XT, and CXT: All three variants of the Mission Master autonomous vehicles will be on display, highlighting their unique capabilities.
  • Virtual Testing: Delegates can test the vehicles using Rheinmetall’s Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulator.
  • Advanced Military Technologies: The MSU-GP 200T Air Start Unit, SolarΣShield fabric, and Polaris MRZR-D4 with PATH autonomy kit will be featured.
  • Collaborative Projects: Rheinmetall’s partnership projects, including CHER and DAME, will be showcased.

Rheinmetall will present its Uncrewed Ground Systems (UGSs), enabling attendees to explore their functionality and advantages in various operational scenarios. The display will also include the MSU-GP 200T Air Start Unit (ASU), noted for its turbine-powered reliability and compact design, making it suitable for extreme weather environments.

The SolarΣShield fabric, chosen for the Australian Defence Force’s new Redback IFV, will be demonstrated, showing its ability to significantly reduce solar heat load and manage multispectral signatures. This patented fabric is a testament to Rheinmetall’s innovation in creating efficient, affordable defense solutions.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to see the Polaris MRZR-D4, equipped with the PATH autonomy kit, showcasing Rheinmetall’s expertise in AI-powered navigation systems. The PATH A-Kit’s agnostic capabilities will be highlighted through its integration with various military and commercial vehicles.

Rheinmetall’s extensive Tactical Assault Kit (TAK) integration service will be on display, featuring tailored plugins to meet specific operational needs. Attendees can experience the Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK) integrated into all Mission Master vehicles at the indoor booth.

Collaborative Projects:

  • Common Heavy Equipment Replacement (CHER): Rheinmetall Canada partners with JCB to provide sustainable heavy support equipment for the Canadian Armed Forces. The High Mobility Engineer Excavator will be displayed.
  • Domestic Arctic Mobility Enhancement (DAME): In partnership with UTV International, Rheinmetall aims to supply high mobility vehicles for operations in Canada’s North and Arctic. The “Voyager” from UTV International will be showcased.

Rheinmetall’s display underscores Canada’s commitment to protecting the High Arctic and fostering global partnerships. The company’s recent achievement, the Progressive Aboriginal Relations Level 2 Committed certification, emphasizes its dedication to engaging with diverse communities across Canada.

Visitors to the event will gain a comprehensive understanding of Rheinmetall’s defense solutions and their application in enhancing Canada’s military capabilities.

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