Revolutionizing Vehicle Automation: The CERTUS Initiative

HORIBA MIRA is spearheading an initiative known as CERTUS, alongside key partners Polestar, IPG Automotive, Connected Places Catapult, and Coventry University. This venture aims to streamline and economize the testing of automated driving systems for the automotive sector.

Why It Matters

The auto industry has been incurring massive expenses, with £8 billion spent annually on testing automated driving systems. CERTUS aims to provide a solution by targeting a 40% reduction in these costs. This not only alleviates the financial strain on the industry but also accelerates the validation and deployment of new automated technologies for consumers.

Key Points

  • CERTUS is backed by CCAV and delivered in conjunction with Innovate UK, propelling the UK as a leader in automotive automation.
  • The project’s goals are:
    • Cut down the testing expenses of automated driving systems by 40%.
    • Speed up the validation process, allowing technologies to hit the market faster.
    • Evaluate risks associated with the development, use, and validation of new automated driving tech.
    • The consortium leverages a diverse pool of expertise from vehicle manufacturing to academic research.
  • McKinsey & Company’s 2021 report indicated that a significant chunk of the development costs for advanced vehicles is devoted to verifying automated systems.
  • Unlike traditional testing methods, CERTUS will implement AI-driven techniques to optimize the testing process, targeting scenarios that most challenge the automated systems.
  • The results will offer a comprehensive geo-mapping of where technologies can be safely used on UK roads, providing invaluable insights for users, insurers, and government agencies.

Bottom Line

CERTUS is set to transform the automotive industry’s approach to testing and validating automated driving technologies. By tapping into innovative techniques and harnessing expertise from various sectors, this project is poised to make the UK a global hub for advanced vehicle development. HORIBA MIRA’s Managing Director, Declan Allen, emphasizes that beyond cost-saving, CERTUS will propel the real-world adoption and confidence in automated driving systems, enhancing safety and efficiency for all stakeholders involved. The project, which kicked off in Q3 2023, is expected to conclude by March 2025, positioning the UK at the forefront of the global automotive landscape.


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