Revolutionizing ADAS: LeddarTech’s Latest Release

LeddarTech has announced the unveiling of its LeddarVision™ Surround-View (LVS-2+), a groundbreaking software stack, at CES 2024. This release marks a crucial step in enhancing L2/L2+ ADAS development, offering a cutting-edge solution for the automotive industry.

Developed on the robust Nvidia Orin embedded system, LVS-2+ boasts the capability to be adapted to various other embedded platforms. Its design is specifically aimed at powering premium L2/L2+ ADAS highway assistance, with an eye on achieving the highly sought-after 5-star NCAP 2025/GSR 2022 safety rating. This innovation follows the LeddarVision Front-Entry (LVF-E) as the second product in the company’s AI-based low-level fusion and perception software portfolio to demonstrate maturity on an embedded system.

The LVS-2+ originates from the innovative LeddarVision AI-based low-level sensor fusion and perception software architecture. It notably expands upon the capabilities of the LVF product family, demonstrating remarkable flexibility in adapting to different sensor configurations. The product evolves from the basic 1VxR sensor configuration to an advanced 5V5R setup, positioning it as a trailblazer in the sector.

A standout feature of the LVS-2+ is its elimination of the need for side cameras, a common requirement in the traditional 11V5R configuration. By utilizing a 5V5R sensor architecture, the product achieves surround-view perception, paving the way for widespread adoption of premium L2/L2+ ADAS. This approach significantly reduces hardware and system implementation costs, enhancing support for crucial functions like traffic jam assist (TJA) and highway assist (HWA). It also extends the speed range for adaptive cruise control (ACC), offering a comprehensive fusion and perception software stack for premium surround-view L2/L2+ ADAS highway assistance.

Frantz Saintellemy, President and CEO of LeddarTech, emphasized the transformative impact of the LVS-2+, noting its potential to provide strategic advantages in safety and efficiency for L2/L2+ ADAS applications. The company is already working with lead customers to validate the LVS-2+’s strategic benefits, aligning with industry goals like the 5-star NCAP 2025/GSR 2022 rating.

LeddarTech, a global software company established in 2007, specializes in AI-based low-level sensor fusion and perception software solutions. Headquartered in Quebec City, with R&D centers in Montreal, Toronto, and Tel Aviv, the company is a leader in ADAS, autonomous driving (AD), and parking applications. LeddarTech’s solutions, recognized for their high performance, scalability, and cost-effectiveness, are integral in enabling OEMs and Tier 1-2 suppliers to efficiently implement automotive and off-road vehicle ADAS solutions.

With a strong focus on remote-sensing innovations, LeddarTech holds over 150 patent applications (80 granted), enhancing ADAS, AD, and parking capabilities. The company is driven by a mission to make global mobility safer, more efficient, sustainable, and affordable. LeddarTech’s latest release, the LVS-2+, is a testament to this commitment, offering a transformative stride in automotive technology.

LeddarTech invites automotive OEMs, Tier 1s, and analysts to experience this unique LeddarVision automotive software technology firsthand at their CES 2024 booth in Las Vegas.


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