Recogni Launches Pegasus PCIe for Autonomous Mobility

Recogni Inc., a front-runner in AI-based processing for autonomous vehicles, has unveiled its latest product, the Pegasus PCIe card. This innovative card will enable Scorpio, Recogni’s premier 1000 TOPS (Peta-Op) class inference solution for autonomous mobility, to be adaptable for every application.

Why It Matters

Autonomous transportation solutions are swiftly gaining traction across various transportation methods. With Recogni at the forefront, its commitment lies in supplying dynamic and custom-tailored solutions for every autonomous mobility use case. The Pegasus PCIe card, combined with Recogni’s SDK, exemplifies the company’s dedication to offering multiplatform flexibility and the robustness of its technology. This initiative aims to boost customers by granting them architectural malleability and expediting deployment in autonomous mobility applications.

Key Points

  • Pegasus Capabilities: The card can process data from up to four 8-megapixel cameras, giving comprehensive front and surrounding views.
  • Versatile Perception Outputs: Incorporates 3D object detection, vulnerable road user detection, lane detection, free space detection, and traffic light/sign detection.
  • Broad Application: Pegasus is apt for a myriad of autonomous mobility solutions such as robotaxis, autonomous trucks, drones, autonomous delivery vehicles, and autonomous aviation.
  • Built for Purpose: Unlike many conventional solutions adapted from older technology, Recogni’s system, including the Pegasus, is specifically designed to surpass computational and power efficiency challenges inherent to autonomous mobility.
  • Rapid Market Deployment: With the high flexibility that Pegasus offers in both development and deployment, it ensures a swifter route to market for any autonomous mobility solution.

Bottom Line

The advancements in autonomous mobility are bound by the limits of existing technology. Recogni, with its novel Pegasus PCIe card and the accompanying Recogni SDK, is set to redefine these boundaries. Backed by industry stalwarts like Dr. Yvonne Lutsch from Bosch Ventures, Recogni is recognized as a trusted figure, pushing the envelope with technology that is not just powerful but also seamlessly integrable.


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