Porsche and Mobileye Partner to Develop Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

What’s Happening

Porsche, the renowned sports car manufacturer, is partnering with Mobileye, a technology company, to develop premium advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) for Porsche’s future models. The collaboration will leverage Mobileye’s SuperVision™ technology platform to offer automated assistance and navigate-on-pilot functions in Porsche cars.

Why It Matters

This strategic partnership brings together two industry leaders in the pursuit of modern, sporty luxury. The company aims to exceed customer expectations by delivering innovative products and experiences tailored to their desires and lifestyles. Mobileye, a global leader in automated driving functions, will help Porsche achieve this goal by enhancing safety and the overall driving experience through cutting-edge technology.

Key Points

Porsche will lead the full integration of Mobileye’s SuperVision™ technology into its future models. The systems will be integrated and tuned by Porsche engineers to ensure a brand-worthy driving experience. The driver attention monitoring system and its integration into the Porsche Communication Management system’s intuitive user interface will also be customized by Porsche’s in-house specialists.

Mobileye’s SuperVision™ system is one of the world’s most advanced driver assistance systems. It allows drivers to take their hands off the steering wheel in certain situations, depending on local laws and traffic conditions. The system enables autonomous navigation, lane changing, and overtaking slower vehicles on multi-lane roads. It utilizes eleven cameras, radar fusion perception, high-resolution maps, and the Mobileye EyeQ™6 High Systems-on-a-Chip (SoC) to deliver its driver assistance functions.

Bottom Line

Porsche and Mobileye’s collaboration will revolutionize driving technology for its customers worldwide. The partnership combines the luxury and sportiness of Porsche with Mobileye’s innovative driver assistance technology to create a unique driving experience. Furthermore, the Volkswagen Group, which already collaborates with Bosch, Qualcomm, and Horizon Robotics in the field of automated driving functions, can leverage Mobileye’s SuperVision™ technology as a platform solution for other group brands.


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