Polestone 01 Launches with Groundbreaking Solid-State Lidar Technology

Polestone, a leading automotive company, announced the launch of its full-size luxury SUV, the Polestone 01, on August 22. This innovative vehicle stands out as the first series-production model in the world to incorporate fully solid-state lidars, specifically Hesai’s AT128 long-range lidar and two FT120 blind-spot lidars.

Why It Matters

The integration of fully solid-state lidars into a commercial vehicle represents a significant leap in the automotive industry. This groundbreaking technology enhances the safety and efficacy of intelligent driving systems, setting a new benchmark for the market. The vehicle is designed for a wide range of terrains, making it ideal for family adventures as well as daily commuting.

Key Points

  • Industry-Leading Technology: The FT120 lidar, with its ultra-wide Field of View (FOV), is an industry first, and it dramatically improves 3D perception capabilities.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: The combination of three lidars provides a horizontal FOV of 280°, drastically reducing blind spots and improving detection of smaller obstacles like pets and children.
  • Enhanced Safety: The vehicle’s lidar technology enables it to function efficiently in various lighting conditions, including total darkness. Additionally, a “Sentry Mode” offers enhanced security when the vehicle is parked.
  • Adaptive Driving: The intelligent driving system allows for continuous updates to Urban NOA, highway NOA, and other advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS).

Bottom Line

The Polestone 01 offers a transformative driving experience by integrating cutting-edge solid-state lidar technology. It not only promises enhanced safety but also elevates the standard for intelligent driving systems. This milestone has great potential to influence future automotive innovations, paving the way for smarter and safer road experiences for consumers.


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