Polestar Partners with Mobileye for Autonomous Driving

Polestar has chosen Mobileye, a renowned autonomous technology provider, to integrate its Mobileye Chauffeur™ technology platform into the upcoming Polestar 4. This partnership showcases an intention to broaden the scope of autonomous capabilities in future vehicles.

Why It Matters

This strategic alliance emphasizes Polestar’s commitment to combining world-class design and sustainability with groundbreaking technological advances. By incorporating Mobileye Chauffeur, Polestar aims to elevate the convenience and safety levels of its electric vehicles, which are already celebrated for their engaging drive and dynamic performance.

Key Points

  • The collaboration will utilize the Mobileye Chauffeur™ AV platform, with manufacturing and integration facilitated by ECARX.
  • Polestar 4, set for global release in 2024 and already available in China, will be the flagship model for this innovation, boasting a Mobileye SuperVision™-based advanced driver assistance system.
  • Upon its introduction, the Chauffeur technology will support hands-off and eyes-off autonomous driving on highways. It will also offer eyes-on automation in specific environments and conditions.
  • Both the SuperVision and Chauffeur platforms are powered by Mobileye’s advanced systems, such as EyeQ™ systems-on-chip, 360-degree cameras, and REM™-enhanced Mobileye Roadbook™ mapping. The latest Chauffeur model will further integrate EyeQ6 system-on-chip and cutting-edge radar and lidar sensors.

Bottom Line

Polestar’s collaboration with Mobileye signifies a significant step toward making autonomous driving more accessible and enjoyable for consumers. As Thomas Ingenlath, Polestar CEO, remarked, this integration will allow drivers to choose autonomous modes for more relaxed journeys. Prof. Amnon Shashua, Mobileye’s CEO, echoed this sentiment, lauding the partnership as a testament to Mobileye’s two decades of AI-driven automotive experience. More insights on this partnership will emerge as the production launch nears.


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