Perrone Robotics Launches AutoCampus, A Turnkey AV Deployment Program for Universities and Colleges

What’s Happening

Perrone Robotics, Inc., a leading autonomous vehicle (AV) kit and turnkey AV solutions provider, has announced the launch of “AutoCampus,” a new turnkey AV deployment program for universities and college campuses. The program includes a standard vehicle platform, complete AV configuration, a lease-based pricing model, contract vehicle, as well as full-service commissioning, support, and training of operations. Universities and colleges can use the autonomous vehicles (AVs) for daily campus shuttle operations, V.I.P. shuttle services and demonstrations, and for incorporation into R&D programs.

Why It Matters

AutoCampus aims to make autonomous transportation accessible and affordable for universities and colleges by providing a comprehensive package that includes vehicles, leasing, and services. By partnering with Global Finance Group (GFG), Perrone Robotics is able to lower financial barriers, making it easier for academic institutions to adopt fully functional autonomous transportation systems for their communities.

Key Points

  • The initial vehicle platform offered under the program is a zero-emissions, all-electric Ford E-Transit van with seating capacities of up to 12 passengers and an optional ADA-compliant wheelchair accessible configuration.
  • The Ford E-Transit is Buy America compliant and FMVSS compliant, making it suitable for operation on public roads.
  • Each vehicle is equipped with Perrone’s TONY AV Kit, enabling Level 4 autonomy for mapped zones of operation on campuses.
  • Perrone has a history of working with institutions of higher learning, including the University of Wisconsin, Virginia Tech, Johns Hopkins University, University of Hawaii, University of Virginia, Eastern Michigan University, and Drexel University.

Bottom Line

Perrone Robotics’ AutoCampus program, in partnership with GFG, offers a comprehensive, end-to-end package for universities and colleges to adopt autonomous transportation systems. The program includes a zero-emissions, ADA-compliant, Buy America compliant, and FMVSS compliant vehicle, integrated autonomous technology, operations training, and support, all bundled into a monthly lease payment. GFG works with academic institutions to ensure they receive the best possible rates and terms that the market has to offer, making it easier and more accessible for these institutions to bring the benefits of autonomous transportation to their communities.


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