Parkie Parks Cars: HL Mando’s Robot Wins CES Innovation Award

HL Mando’s “Parkie” parking robot, boasting revolutionary Level 4 autonomous driving tech, secured the coveted Best Innovation Award at CES 2024. This win signifies Parkie’s potential to reshape the parking landscape, maximizing space and streamlining user experience.

Autonomous Innovation Meets Parking Pain Points

Traditional parking often involves frustration and wasted space. Parkie tackles these woes head-on with its cutting-edge autonomous driving capabilities. Imagine a robot, barely taller than a shoebox, seamlessly navigating beneath parked cars to identify vacant spots and expertly maneuver vehicles into them. That’s Parkie’s magic.

Level 4 autonomy empowers Parkie to independently:

  • Recognize objects, tires, and license plates: This allows it to assess parking availability and park cars without needing pre-installed infrastructure or specific parking layout configurations.
  • Squeeze into tight spaces: At a mere 90mm tall, Parkie can operate under most vehicles, unlocking an additional 30% of parking space compared to traditional methods.
  • Integrate with existing systems: Parkie seamlessly blends with mechanical parking structures, optimizing space utilization within buildings and creating more parking capacity.

Convenience and Efficiency Redefined

HL Mando envisions Parkie as a revolutionary force in parking convenience. Users can enjoy:

  • Effortless vehicle entry and exit: Parkie handles the parking, freeing drivers from the stress of maneuvering in tight spaces.
  • Accurate path recognition: The robot’s advanced sensors ensure smooth, safe vehicle movement within parking facilities.
  • Enhanced building competitiveness: By utilizing previously unusable spaces, Parkie adds value to buildings, making them more attractive to tenants and visitors.

A Testament to HL Mando’s Vision

Parkie’s CES recognition underscores HL Mando’s commitment to pioneering future mobility solutions. The company, a leader in electric vehicle and autonomous driving technologies, aims to improve safety, efficiency, and convenience in the transportation sector.

Choi Sung-ho, Vice President of HL Mando’s Mobility Solution Technology Group, sees Parkie as a reflection of global aspirations for parking innovation: “The CES Best Innovation Award for Parkie showcases global expectations for innovation in parking spaces, not only in Korea but around the world.”

Parkie’s revolutionary combination of autonomous driving and space optimization positions it at the forefront of parking technology. As cities grapple with limited space and growing transportation demands, Parkie offers a glimpse into a future where parking is no longer a source of frustration, but a seamless and efficient experience.

About HL Mando

HL Mando is a leading provider of electric vehicle and autonomous driving solutions, specializing in core components vital for vehicle safety. The company champions key enabling technologies for future mobility, including redundancy concepts and by-wire technology. Additionally, HL Mando promotes eco-friendly solutions like e-Drive and hydrogen fuel cell converters. Its subsidiary, HL Klemove, focuses on advancing autonomous driving solutions, including radar, cameras, lidars, and system integration. With over 20 R&D centers, 20 manufacturing sites, and a global clientele exceeding 60 customers, HL Mando is poised to shape the future of mobility.


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