Park Smarter, Not Harder: ZF’s ECU Democratizes Automated Parking

ZF’s affordable Parking ECU revolutionizes parking, making automated functions accessible to a wider range of vehicles and drivers.

Finding a parking spot in a crowded city can be a hair-pulling experience. But what if your car could do it for you? That’s the promise of ZF’s new Parking ECU, a game-changer for automated parking technology.

Beyond Parallel Parking:

Previous automated parking systems primarily focused on parallel parking. But ZF’s ECU takes things to the next level. Its powerful SoC with up to 16 TOPS processing power and 360° surround cameras combined with ultrasonic sensors allow for:

  • Automatic park assist: Effortlessly navigate tight spaces in both parallel and perpendicular parking.
  • Remote park assist: Park from outside the car, perfect for tight garages or parallel parking challenges.
  • Virtual Slot Parking: The ECU “draws” a path, guiding your car into the spot with minimal input.

Premium Features for Urban Drivers:

The Parking ECU doesn’t stop there. It offers premium features like:

  • Automatic Memorized Parking: Remember your favorite parking spots and park there automatically.
  • Automatic Valet Parking: Let your car navigate a parking garage and find a spot itself.

These features are especially helpful in urban areas, where parking is often scarce and navigating garages can be a nightmare.

Future-Proof Technology:

The ECU’s flexible architecture paves the way for future advancements, including:

  • Level 4 driving functions: Potentially enabling hands-free driving in specific scenarios.
  • Compatibility with advanced parking features: APA, AMP, RPA, and more.

Affordable Innovation:

This cost-effective ECU makes automated parking accessible to a wider range of vehicles and drivers. It’s already in production with Zeekr in China, and Europe and other regions are set to follow in 2024.

ZF’s vision for Next Generation Mobility:

“The new parking ECU is a prime example of how we are bringing advanced ADAS functions to more drivers,” says Martin Fischer, ZF Board Member. “This technology enhances our vision for a safer and more convenient future for everyone.”


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