NVIDIA DRIVE Hyperion Achieves Key Safety Milestones for Autonomous Vehicles

What’s Happening: Over 800 autonomous test vehicles from more than 50 global automotive companies are powered by the NVIDIA DRIVE Hyperion automotive compute architecture. NVIDIA has achieved new safety milestones, with many of its DRIVE processes and components assessed and/or certified compliant to ISO 26262 by TÜV SÜD, an independent, accredited assessor.

Why It Matters: As autonomous vehicle (AV) technology continues to advance, ensuring functional safety is crucial to protect occupants, pedestrians, and other road users. NVIDIA’s accomplishments in meeting the ISO 26262 standard demonstrate its commitment to AV safety and its leadership in the industry.

Key Points:

  • Core development processes are now certified as ISO 26262 Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL) D compliant.
  • The Orin system-on-a-chip (SoC) meets ISO 26262 ASIL D systematic requirements and ASIL B random fault management requirements.
  • The NVIDIA DRIVE AGX Orin board and the NVIDIA DRIVE Orin-based platform both meet ISO 26262 ASIL D requirements.
  • Development of OS 6.x is underway, following the recent certification of DRIVE OS 5.2, which includes NVIDIA CUDA libraries and the NVIDIA TensorRT software development kit for real-time AI inferencing.

Bottom Line: NVIDIA’s achievement of ISO 26262 compliance for its DRIVE Hyperion architecture highlights the company’s dedication to functional safety in autonomous vehicle technology. By offering a unified hardware and software architecture, NVIDIA is poised to remain a leader in AV safety, as evidenced by its contributions to published standards and ongoing initiatives in the field.


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