NVIDIA and Foxconn Boost Autonomous Driving Tech

NVIDIA is joining forces with the Hon Hai Technology Group, commonly known as Foxconn, to fast-track advancements in autonomous driving and AI-driven industries.

Why It Matters

As the world edges closer to integrating autonomous systems into everyday life, partnerships like these signify major strides in AI application to various industries — particularly autonomous vehicles and robotics.

Key Points

  • The collaboration was revealed during a discussion between NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang and Foxconn Chairman and CEO Young Liu at Hon Hai Tech Day in Taipei.
  • This partnership will revolve around the development of AI factories that harness NVIDIA GPU computing to transform vast datasets into valuable AI blueprints. Some of the core technologies include NVIDIA’s GH200 Grace Hopper™ Superchip and their AI Enterprise software.
  • Focus on Autonomous Driving:
    • Foxconn’s Smart EV is to be based on NVIDIA’s DRIVE Hyperion™ 9, which will pave the way for next-gen autonomous vehicle fleets.
    • This is powered by NVIDIA DRIVE Thor™, an advanced system-on-a-chip for future automotive applications.
    • Furthermore, Foxconn will provide global automakers with a range of NVIDIA DRIVE™ solutions, cementing its role as a top-tier producer of NVIDIA DRIVE Orin™ and future NVIDIA DRIVE Thor-based electronic control units (ECUs).
    • Foxconn is poised to introduce AI-rich electric vehicles (EVs) using the NVIDIA DRIVE Hyperion 9 platform, marking a significant evolution in safe, software-defined cars.
  • Foxconn’s foray into smart manufacturing will tap into NVIDIA’s Isaac™ robot platform.
  • The NVIDIA Metropolis platform, centered around intelligent video analytics, will find its way into Foxconn’s Smart City projects.

Bottom Line

The combined prowess of NVIDIA, a titan in the tech world, and Foxconn, the globe’s leading manufacturer, will likely spearhead rapid advancements in the AI industrial revolution. A particular emphasis on autonomous driving technology is set to reshape the future of transportation and promises a more efficient, safer driving environment.


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