NODAR Secures Top AutoTech 2023 Award

NODAR, a pioneer in stereo vision technology for autonomous vehicles (AVs), has proudly announced its triumph at the 2023 AutoTech Breakthrough Awards. At the 4th installment of this renowned awards program, the company earned the title “Overall Auto Sensor Company of the Year”.

Why It Matters

The AutoTech awards ceremony is a significant event in the automotive technology sector. This year’s program was especially competitive, with 1,600 nominations pouring in from industry giants. Being crowned the “Overall Auto Sensor Company of the Year” is not only a testament to NODAR’s advancements but also solidifies its dominant position in the AV tech landscape.

Key Points

  • Recognition: This marks the 8th award recognition for NODAR.
  • CEO’s Take: Leaf Jiang, NODAR’s Chief Executive Officer, emphasized the company’s dedication to automotive sensing and safety. Jiang praised their flagship 3D vision product, Hammerhead, for setting new industry standards in 3D sensing, especially concerning long-range accuracy, nighttime operations, and performance during adverse weather conditions. He further highlighted that NODAR consistently outperforms lidar and other sensing techniques across various conditions, ensuring enhanced safety for L3 and higher-tier vehicles.
  • Hammerhead’s Capabilities: The patented Hammerhead Advanced Stereo Vision solution is a marvel in its own right. It:
    • Uses advancements in compute, CMOS camera technology, and unique computer vision algorithms.
    • Generates high-resolution 3D point clouds in real-time.
    • Offers accurate depth measurements up to 1,250 meters.
    • Can pinpoint a 10cm object from a staggering 150 meters away.
    • Incorporates two or more cameras, which can be strategically placed on various parts of a vehicle, such as behind the windshield, embedded in the roof, side view mirrors, or even in the headlights.

Bottom Line

NODAR’s achievement at the 2023 AutoTech Breakthrough Awards reiterates the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of automotive sensing technology. With products like Hammerhead leading the charge, the future of AV safety and efficiency looks promising.


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