Nissan-Backed Consortium Concludes Successful ServCity Project, Bringing Autonomous Vehicle Technologies to UK Cities

LONDON, UK – Nissan-backed consortium project ServCity has successfully concluded, deploying advanced autonomous drive technology in complex urban environments in London, integrated with the city’s infrastructure. Following more than 1,600 autonomous test miles driven, the consortium developed a blueprint to help UK cities incorporate advanced autonomous vehicle technologies with city infrastructure. The ServCity project explored how cities could deliver a “Robotaxi” style service in the future for the benefit of city residents and commuters.

The ServCity connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV), built upon a 100% electric Nissan LEAF, successfully completed increasingly challenging validation trials on the roads of London, connected to the Smart Mobility Living Lab (SMLL) in Greenwich. ServCity leveraged the full capabilities of SMLL, which used its network of roadside sensors and a data processing suite to create a futuristic co-operative infrastructure environment. The infrastructure can detect an object which is not within line of sight of the vehicle and inform the vehicle so that it can manoeuvre to ensure smooth traffic flow.

Nissan-Backed Consortium Concludes Successful ServCity Project, Bringing Autonomous Vehicle Technologies to UK Cities

The project, funded by the UK government and consortium partners, is an important means of giving people the confidence that CAVs are safe to introduce on UK roads as well as having a demonstrable benefit to society. ServCity comprises a series of demonstrations to stakeholders where guests can experience first-hand, advanced autonomous drive technologies integrated with CAV-ready infrastructure on the streets of Greenwich.

Robert Bateman, Manager, Nissan Technical Centre Europe and Nissan Project Manager for ServCity, said the project was an important step towards future deployment of autonomous mobility. Transport Minister Jesse Norman said the UK government had invested £7m in the project to be at the forefront of innovation.

The project was a collaboration between six partners – Nissan, Connected Places Catapult, TRL, Hitachi Europe, the University of Nottingham, and SBD Automotive – and will guide OEMs, transport providers, and city planners to get “CAV-ready” in the UK’s cities. Autonomous drive technology is a key pillar within Nissan Ambition 2030, a long-term vision that will see the company strive to create a cleaner, safer and more inclusive world.