Nissan Ariya ProPILOT Assist Earns ‘Very Good’ NCAP Rating

The Nissan Ariya, equipped with the ProPILOT Assist system, has recently received an impressive ‘Very Good’ rating from the renowned New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) in Europe. The rating is an affirmation of the company’s commitment to providing customers with a safe, secure, and intuitive driving experience.

Why It Matters

The ‘Very Good’ rating from NCAP emphasizes the quality and reliability of Nissan’s ProPILOT Assist system. The achievement marks the Nissan Ariya, an electric crossover, as a leading player in the rapidly progressing field of driver assist technology. This accolade will boost customer confidence and is likely to contribute to an enhanced market position for the brand.

Key Points

  • The NCAP evaluation process rigorously tested the ProPILOT Assist system’s capabilities, including lane-keeping assistance, adaptive cruise control, and emergency braking.
  • The Nissan Ariya with ProPILOT Assist exceeded the stringent NCAP standards, achieving an 86% score in safety backup and a 77% score in assistance competence.
  • In the Assistance Competence category, ProPILOT Assist received maximum points for consumer information, system status indication, and driving collaboration. It scored 22.2 out of 25 for adjusting vehicle speed in diverse conditions.
  • In the Safety Backup category, the system scored full marks for informing the driver of a sensor or camera blockage under various circumstances. The system also earned a score of 20 out of 25 for responding to a long period of driver inactivity, and 41.3 out of 50 for collision avoidance when the system is active.

Bottom Line

The ProPILOT Assist system in the Nissan Ariya integrates a wide range of advanced technologies, including state-of-the-art sensors, cameras, and complex algorithms. The high scores earned by the system in multiple categories reflect its comprehensive suite of driver assistance features. This endorsement by the NCAP speaks volumes about the system’s efficacy in ensuring safety and convenience for drivers, whether on highways, congested traffic, or tight parking spaces. The NCAP’s ‘Very Good’ rating underlines Nissan’s commitment to empowering drivers with technology that fosters confidence and peace of mind.


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