Nikon Partners with Aeva for Advanced Metrology

Nikon Corporation, a leading figure in optical technology, has entered into a multi-year production agreement with Aeva®, a forefront player in sensing and perception systems. This partnership signifies Nikon’s intent to integrate Aeva’s pioneering LiDAR-on-Chip technology into its suite of industrial metrology and automated inspection products. As a result of this collaboration, industries such as automotive manufacturing, aerospace, and renewable energy can expect more advanced quality control and precision in measurements.

A previous announcement hinted at this collaboration, but the latest details solidify plans moving forward. Aeva aims to begin production by late 2024, making Nikon’s enhanced products available for industrial consumers by 2025. Tadashi Nakayama, CEO at Nikon Metrology NV, emphasized the significance of incorporating Aeva’s high accuracy and rapid measurement capabilities, which are expected to bring unprecedented opportunities to Nikon’s offerings.

Key Points:

  • Nikon has chosen Aeva’s LiDAR-on-Chip technology for its next-gen industrial metrology products.
  • The collaboration targets industries including automotive manufacturing, aerospace, and renewable energy.
  • Production is set to commence in 2024 with product rollout anticipated for 2025.

Bottom Line:

This partnership marks a pivotal development for Aeva, as shared by Soroush Salehian, Co-Founder and CEO at Aeva. The integration of Aeva’s unique FMCW technology not only complements automated driving applications but also serves as a perception platform for the next automation wave. Nikon, with its legacy of delivering high precision solutions, together with Aeva’s state-of-the-art perception systems, sets the stage for ushering in innovative programs in the market.


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