NEOM Fund Pours $100M into for Autonomous Drive

NEOM, a futuristic and sustainable development in northwest Saudi Arabia, has announced a substantial investment of $100 million via its NEOM Investment Fund (NIF) in, a global frontrunner in autonomous driving.

Why It Matters

This infusion of funds and the subsequent partnership mark a significant step towards the realization of NEOM’s vision: the creation of the world’s inaugural fully sustainable, shared, autonomous, and integrative mobility system. As cities and nations globally seek sustainable transportation options, this investment showcases the Middle East’s commitment to pioneering green solutions and advanced mobility.

Key Points

  • Joint Venture: A collaborative effort has been initiated between NEOM and to conceive, produce, and introduce autonomous driving services, cutting-edge vehicles, and intelligent vehicle infrastructure not only in NEOM but also in pivotal markets within the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.
  • Localization Priority: The partnership will also birth a regional state-of-the-art autonomous vehicle manufacturing and Research & Development center, emphasizing the significance of localizing these advanced technologies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Statements from Leaders:
    • Majid Mufti, NIF’s CEO, emphasized the alignment of this investment with NEOM’s grand vision, mentioning’s already operational autonomous technology and its prospective deployment in NEOM.
    • Terry Wong, Executive Director of Land Mobility at NEOM, highlighted the investment as a pivotal component in NEOM’s broader aim of crafting an intelligent, zero-emission, autonomous transport system.
  •’s Footprint: Notably, has previously showcased its capabilities by being the first to operate completely driverless vehicles in major Chinese cities like Beijing and Guangzhou and securing licenses to operate in all four Tier-1 Chinese cities.

Bottom Line

The collaboration between NEOM and is more than just an investment; it symbolizes the fusion of futuristic vision and cutting-edge technology, promising a revolutionary change in the realm of autonomous transportation in the Middle East and potentially setting a global benchmark.


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