Navajo Express’s Investment in Advanced Safety Technology Pays Off

E-SMART Intelligent Speed Solution Improves CSA Scores for Navajo

DENVER – Navajo Express, Inc., a leader in long-haul and dedicated transportation announced the first-year results of their adoption of the E-SMART intelligent speed adaptation technology. When Navajo began using the E-SMART solution in August of 2021, their CSA score was 67. By September 2021, it had dropped to 38. And by October of 2022, it had improved to 13. Additionally, Navajo’s Accident Ratio has also dropped in the same period from 52% to 26%.

“Since I came to Navajo, I’ve been hyper-focused on our safety scores. I track them daily. We can attribute these safety successes directly to the E-SMART technology,” said Jay Thomas, the VP of Safety. “The product does what it is designed to do, and we are thrilled with the results.”

The E-SMART solution uses Advanced Position Systems technology to determine vehicle location to actively manage its maximum allowed speed, provide real-time safety alerts, and identify known hazard areas such as low clearance bridges. When a driver approaches an area of concern, they will receive an immediate notification to their in-cab mobile device and the speed of the vehicle will be limited accordingly. Leading fleets that have integrated the E-SMART technology have reported a significant decrease in speed-related infringements, accidents, and complete elimination of low clearance bridge hits.

“The E-SMART and Navajo Express partnership has been tremendously successful. Their intense dedication to safety and the focus of their management makes for a positive outcome,” said Mathieu Boivin, CEO of E-SMART. “We are proud to be working with Navajo and working to reach their safety goals.”


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