Moscow’s First Driverless Tram Launches

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Moscow has unveiled its first driverless tram, marking a significant advancement in the city’s public transportation system. While initially operating with a driver, the tram will eventually run completely autonomously, aiming to revolutionize urban mobility. This innovative transport will undergo a three-stage testing process, starting without passengers and progressing to fully autonomous operation by 2025.

Key Highlights

  • Advanced LiDAR Systems: The tram is equipped with cutting-edge LiDAR technology, providing precise location data and a 360-degree view to anticipate and respond to obstacles.
  • Software Development: The autonomous system software is uniquely developed by Moscow’s metro specialists, ensuring full local ownership without external involvement.
  • Three-Stage Initiative:
    • First Stage (Starting May 23): Trials with an unmanned tram featuring a driver for oversight. The system will replicate and correct over 90% of the driver’s decisions, with final control resting with the driver.
    • Second Stage (End of 2024): The tram’s autonomous system will handle all management and decision-making functions, with the driver overseeing operations. Passenger test rides will commence on route No. 10.
    • Third Stage (End of 2025): Full implementation of unmanned tram service without a driver, serving passengers independently.
Moscow's First Driverless Tram Launches

Project Overview

The new tram will initially operate on Moscow’s streets without passengers, focusing on testing and perfecting the autonomous system. The first phase began on May 23, with the unmanned tram operating under driver supervision. This phase includes a system that mirrors the driver’s actions, ensuring over 90% accuracy and correcting errors.

In the second phase, the unmanned system will take full control, while the driver monitors its actions. Passenger test rides will start on route No. 10, from Kulakova Street to the Schukinskaya metro station. The final phase aims for a fully autonomous tram service without a backup driver by the end of 2025.

By 2027, the goal is for over 80% of Moscow’s tram fleet to be equipped with automated control systems, significantly enhancing the efficiency and safety of public transportation.

Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin spearheaded the launch of the unmanned tram, emphasizing the city’s commitment to innovation in public transit. Deputy Mayor for Transport Maksim Liksutov highlighted that the initiative would initially see trams operating without passengers, progressing to full autonomous control with passenger services by the end of 2025.

This development underscores Moscow’s dedication to integrating advanced technology into its public transport infrastructure, paving the way for a smarter and more efficient urban mobility experience.

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