Mobileye, Zeekr Collaborate on Consumer AV

LAS VEGAS — Mobileye, an Intel company, and Zeekr, the global premium electric mobility technology brand from Geely Holding Group, announced plans to expand their strategic technology partnership with the goal of developing a new all-electric consumer vehicle with Level 4 (L4) capabilities.

The planned autonomous vehicle (AV) will be powered by six EyeQ®5 system-on-chips to process Mobileye True Redundancy™ sensing, Responsibility-Sensitive Safety (RSS)-based driving policy and a new open collaboration model on Road Experience Management™ (REM™) mapping technology. The vehicle will utilize Geely SEA architecture’s redundant braking, steering and power, under an “open EyeQ” concept that allows efficient integration with Zeekr software technologies. In addition, Mobileye will enhance its China-related research and development capabilities, establishing a local data center and enhancing its local teams to support its rapidly growing China activities.

“The broadening scope of our partnership reflects just how closely Mobileye and Zeekr are aligned on the vision for future mobility,” said Prof. Amnon Shashua, Mobileye president and chief executive officer. “Zeekr’s confidence in Mobileye as a technology partner demonstrates our ability to execute toward joint goals and further solidify our industry leadership.”  

With an anticipated debut in China in 2024, the new all-electric Zeekr vehicle is expected to be the world’s first consumer AV with L4 autonomous capability. Built using Mobileye Drive™ technology, together with the open SEA architecture, and expanding on Zeekr’s existing models, this new vehicle is expected to eventually roll out across global markets.

Mobileye and Zeekr’s new collaboration expands on the companies’ long-term strategic technology partnership, which includes the development of advanced ADAS (advanced driver-assistance systems) with enhanced capabilities for a variety of Zeekr models. The joint efforts are supported by open collaboration with technologies including REM, as Mobileye and Zeekr work toward achieving a safer and more sophisticated future on the roads.  

“Mobileye has been a strategic partner to our mission of delivering lifestyle vehicles fit for a more sustainable and autonomous future of transportation,” said Andy An, CEO of Zeekr Intelligent Technology. “Our partnership supports Zeekr and Mobileye’s shared ambitions for leading the global ADAS and AV industry. Zeekr welcomes open collaboration that enables the integration of technological expertise to create a more sophisticated autonomous mobility experience for our customers.”


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