Mobileye Q3 2023 Financial Performance Soars

Jerusalem-based Mobileye Global Inc. unveiled its third-quarter results for 2023, revealing a significant uptick in revenue, improved operating metrics, and strategic advancements in product partnerships.

Why It Matters

This quarter’s performance is indicative of Mobileye’s continued dominance in the advanced automotive product segment. Positive feedback from recent product releases and increased collaborations with automakers showcase the company’s competitive edge. This growth, despite the challenges faced due to tragic events in Israel, signals robust business strategies and the resilience of the Mobileye team.

Key Points

  • Revenue and Earnings: Mobileye saw an 18% YoY revenue surge, reaching $530 million. Diluted EPS stood at $0.02 (GAAP) and $0.22 (Non-GAAP).
  • Business Ties: Progress was noted with key OEM prospects, including conversions with FAW and Polestar in Q3. The Zeekr software update was crucial in cementing the FAW partnership and accelerating other business discussions.
  • Financial Strength: Net cash from operating activities totaled $285 million for the first nine months ending September 30, 2023. The company boasts a robust balance sheet, with $1.2 billion in cash and no debt.
  • Product Success: The SuperVision software’s August release to Zeekr vehicles garnered positive responses. The feature has set a new benchmark in China’s automotive software competition.
  • Revenue Breakdown: The majority of the revenue surge was attributed to the volume and ASP growth from the EyeQ® chip. Gross Margin and Adjusted Gross Margin both witnessed shifts due to varying factors, including the cost of the EyeQ® chip.
  • Operating Margins: A 2% positive Operating Margin was noted for Q3 2023, a stark contrast to the negative 6% in the same period in 2022. Adjusted Operating Margin also saw a 3% rise.
  • Cash Flow: Operating cash flow amounted to $285 million over the first nine months of 2023. This incorporated outflows for rebuilding the strategic EyeQ chip inventory.

Bottom Line

Mobileye’s Q3 performance underscores its solid market position and adaptability. Positive product feedback, strategic collaborations, and a fortified balance sheet promise a favorable trajectory for the company. As the automotive tech industry evolves, Mobileye’s innovative solutions continue to make headway, benefiting both stakeholders and consumers.


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