Micro-LED Tech Boosts Road Safety in Germany

Continental has unveiled a cutting-edge system that utilizes micro-LED technology to produce dynamic near-field projections around vehicles. This compact module aims to substantially increase road safety by minimizing accidents resulting from cars turning or reversing.

Why It Matters

Traffic accidents, especially those involving turning or backing up vehicles, have consistently been a major cause of injuries. In 2022, over 50,000 individuals in Germany were injured due to such incidents. Enhancing safety measures for these common scenarios is crucial, particularly for pedestrians and cyclists who are most vulnerable in these situations.

Key Points

  • Reduced Injuries: The technology aims to decrease the yearly 50,000 injuries in Germany caused by vehicles turning or backing up.
  • Compact Design: All essential components, including the power supply, GPU, and micro-LED module, are housed within a 5 x 5 x 5 centimeter cube.
  • Safety First: Alem Helias, Head of Light and Actuator Solutions at Continental Automotive, emphasized the company’s commitment to “Vision Zero,” aiming for zero traffic fatalities and serious injuries.
  • Customized Experience: Apart from safety, micro-LED technology can be tailored to enhance the driver’s experience.
  • Real-Time Warnings: Near-field projections can display immediate changes in a vehicle’s direction on the ground, informing surrounding road users of the vehicle’s next move.

Bottom Line

Continental’s innovative micro-LED near-field projection system showcases a significant step forward in road safety technology. By providing clear, real-time projections around vehicles, the system aims not only to protect drivers but also pedestrians and other road users. This advancement aligns with the broader industry push towards creating safer road environments and minimizing traffic-related injuries.


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