Mercedes-Benz Unveils DRIVE PILOT Campaign

Mercedes-Benz‘s new campaign, “Dreamer – a DRIVE PILOT Story,” highlights the company’s journey from automotive pioneers to leaders in automated driving technology. This film takes viewers through a protagonist’s lifelong dream of owning a Mercedes-Benz, emphasizing the innovative DRIVE PILOT system.

Key Highlights

  • Historical Legacy: Mercedes-Benz has been a trailblazer in automotive innovation for 138 years.
  • DRIVE PILOT Introduction: The system allows for conditionally automated driving, certified in California and Nevada.
  • Campaign Film: “Dreamer – a DRIVE PILOT Story” showcases the evolution of a dream intertwined with Mercedes-Benz’s legacy.
  • Music and Message: The film features the 1974 song “Dreamer” by Roger Hodgson and Richard Davies.

Mercedes-Benz’s Innovative Journey

Mercedes-Benz continues to set new standards in the automotive industry, building on a 138-year legacy of innovation. The introduction of automated driving systems marks a significant milestone, redefining the automobile’s role in modern life.

DRIVE PILOT is the first system for series-production vehicles to allow drivers to safely and legally engage in secondary activities while in slow-moving traffic on suitable freeways. Certified for sale in California and Nevada, DRIVE PILOT is available in the S-Class and EQS Sedan. This system represents conditionally automated driving according to SAE Level 3 standards.

“Dreamer – a DRIVE PILOT Story”

The campaign film, “Dreamer – a DRIVE PILOT Story,” narrates a dream realized through time, driven by Mercedes-Benz’s relentless pursuit of innovation. The protagonist’s journey from childhood to adulthood is marked by iconic Mercedes-Benz moments, from toy cars to Formula 1 races, culminating in the ownership of a Mercedes-Benz equipped with DRIVE PILOT.

The film underscores the pivotal role of DRIVE PILOT in turning dreams into reality, all set to the nostalgic tune of “Dreamer” by Roger Hodgson and Richard Davies. This song, embodying the film’s core message, was first released in 1974 and remains a timeless anthem.


DRIVE PILOT is the world’s first SAE Level 3 system for highly automated driving with internationally valid system approval. Since the end of 2023, the system has been certified for sale in Nevada and California.

The technology is built on a redundant system architecture designed for safety, incorporating over 30 sensors, including cameras, radar, ultrasonic sensors, LiDAR, microphones, and a satellite-based positioning system. This robust setup ensures reliable performance under various conditions.

Mercedes-Benz’s DRIVE PILOT introduces a paradigm shift in driving, allowing the vehicle to handle dynamic driving tasks while giving the driver the freedom to engage in other activities, such as surfing the internet or watching videos. This innovation not only enhances comfort and convenience but also sets a new benchmark for the future of automated driving.

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