May Mobility Unveils Third-Generation Autonomous Driving System

What’s Happening: May Mobility, an autonomous vehicle (AV) technology leader, has announced the launch of its third-generation autonomous driving system, a crucial advancement towards driverless commercial operations that aims to enhance safety, efficiency, and rider satisfaction. The updated system features increased speed, improved detection accuracy, and tele-assist capabilities.

Why It Matters: This development will benefit communities and riders in urban, suburban, and rural areas by providing access to state-of-the-art transit. May Mobility’s improved autonomy stack includes a third-generation vision stack, next-generation pedestrian modeling, and other enhancements, allowing vehicles to smoothly navigate through various interactions and situations.

Key Points:

  1. Next-Gen Pedestrian Modeling: The updated pedestrian modeling enables more robust predictions about pedestrian behavior in complex environments, allowing May Mobility’s vehicles to operate more efficiently in downtown areas with high pedestrian traffic.
  2. Enhanced Policies for Smoother Rides: Added lateral movement policies to May Mobility’s MPDM technology allow the vehicle to smoothly navigate through crowded streets, avoiding minor impediments and providing a more human-like experience.
  3. Tele-Assist: Enhanced tele-assist capabilities help the vehicle navigate tricky situations, such as construction, ensuring riders reach their destinations on time or faster. The vehicle remains autonomous throughout the assistance, with the human operator monitoring the environment and approving actions proposed by the vehicle.
  4. On-Vehicle Traffic Light Detection: The second version of May Mobility’s OVTL system improves safety with increased precision in challenging lighting conditions and detects non-working traffic lights, so the vehicle knows to treat them as stops.

Bottom Line: May Mobility’s third-generation autonomous driving system brings the company closer to launching driverless commercial operations by the end of the year. With a focus on safety, efficiency, and rider satisfaction, these advancements will contribute to reducing the need for personal car ownership and transforming public transit. May Mobility offers on-demand service in various settings, aligning with its commitment to sustainable transit solutions that provide convenient, personalized service for customers and greater flexibility for transit operators.


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