May Mobility Partners with SouthWest Transit

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May Mobility and SouthWest Transit have announced a groundbreaking partnership to introduce the first autonomous microtransit service in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. This innovative service aims to enhance public transportation by integrating May Mobility’s autonomous vehicles (AVs) into SouthWest Transit’s ecosystem, providing a reliable and on-demand transportation option for residents. Scheduled for a fall launch, this service marks a significant step forward in transit technology and accessibility.

Key Highlights:

  • Partnership between May Mobility and SouthWest Transit
  • Introduction of autonomous microtransit service in Eden Prairie
  • Service to enhance SouthWest Prime’s existing microtransit offerings
  • Three-year contract to integrate AVs into the transit system
  • Convenient travel via the current Prime mobile app powered by Spare
  • Five wheelchair-accessible AVs to be deployed
  • Service includes connection to Southwest Light Rail
  • Community engagement to educate future riders

SouthWest Transit, an award-winning agency, is enhancing its SouthWest Prime microtransit service through a three-year contract with May Mobility. The integration of AVs will connect residents to residential, employment, and shopping districts, as well as provide crucial first- and last-mile transportation to key mobility hubs in Eden Prairie. Using the existing Prime mobile app, powered by Spare, riders will have access to convenient travel options to and from pre-determined stops, including the Southwest Light Rail that links downtown Minneapolis and Saint Paul.

Spare has powered SouthWest Transit’s microtransit service for the past three years, and with this new partnership, the agency aims to deliver an even more reliable and enhanced transportation experience. Erik Hansen, CEO of SouthWest Transit, expressed excitement about being the first to introduce this innovative transit solution to the Twin Cities, ensuring the continued provision of premium transit services.

May Mobility will deploy five wheelchair-accessible AVs equipped with an ADA-compliant wheelchair ramp and securement system, offering safe, convenient, and comfortable transportation for all riders. Manik Dhar, chief commercial officer for May Mobility, highlighted the proven scalability of their autonomous driving technology, which can navigate diverse circumstances and harsh winter climates. This partnership aims to enhance the city’s public transportation system, connecting more people to essential destinations.

Kristoffer Vik Hansen, co-founder and CEO at Spare, praised SouthWest Transit’s adoption of autonomous vehicles as a standard in transportation innovation. He expressed enthusiasm for collaborating with May Mobility and SouthWest Transit to offer Minnesota residents a novel and efficient way to travel, extending the freedom of mobility to more people, especially those without personal vehicles.

In the coming months, SouthWest Transit and May Mobility will engage with the community to educate future riders about the autonomous vehicles and the service. The public will have the opportunity to see one of the AVs up close at SouthWest Station during the public shuttle service to the Minnesota State Fair at the end of August.

May Mobility develops and deploys autonomous driving technology to improve city transportation, making it safer, greener, and more accessible. Their Multi-Policy Decision Making (MPDM) system, which analyzes thousands of potential scenarios per second, sets them apart in the AV space. With over 350,000 autonomous rides delivered to date, May Mobility continues to form strategic partnerships to enhance global transportation.

SouthWest Transit serves the SouthWest Twin Cities area with diverse and innovative transit solutions. The agency is committed to connecting customers to their destinations through reliable and community-focused transportation services.

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