Major U.S. Automaker Selects TOYO Corporation’s Vehicle-in-the-Loop Simulator Platform for Next-Gen Electric and Autonomous Vehicle Design and Test

TOYO Corporation announced that a major U.S. automobile manufacturer has chosen TOYO’s vehicle in-the-loop sim (ViLS), for testing and validating the next generation of electric cars (EVs) as well as autonomous vehicles. This will ensure their development, manufacture and production success.

Automotive engineers can use the ViLS to test a variety of vehicles, roads, and environmental conditions under real-world conditions, but in a safer, more cost-effective, and safer laboratory-controlled environment. In particular, the TOYO ViLS supports the CASE paradigm which refers to the new automotive technology fields of “Connected” cars,” “Autonomous/Automated” driving, “Shared,” and “Electric”. These areas are the future of transportation, and they are enthusiastically supported in the automotive industry. TOYO ViLS was designed from scratch. The solution incorporates the best-in class comprehensive components. Rototest Energy’s chassis dynamometers and Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are just a few of the components. True Sim is a professional-grade driving simulation co-developed with TOYO and Iwane and features augmented reality functionality.

After a lengthy technical evaluation of the ViLS and one of the automaker’s EVs, the team concluded that the ViLS satisfied both their evolving and current needs. They needed dynamometers that could withstand the high-torque force generated by EVs. The Rototest system was able to meet this requirement. They submitted an order for two complete ViLS systems. This order, valued at multi-millions of US dollars, is the largest TOYO has ever secured for ViLS systems. Through all stages of the procurement process, the customer worked closely to TOYO’s U.S. subsidiary TOYOTech. Delivery and deployment are expected before the end the year.

CASE covers many technologies, including automotive, computing, wireless communications, radar and artificial intelligence. TOYO has decades of experience and core competencies in many of these fields. TOYO will continue to support the global adoption of CASE with innovative testing solutions like the ViLS as the automotive industry reaches critical mass.


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