Luminar Clears Crucial Test Ahead of Volvo EX90 Launch

Luminar Technologies, a forefront player in the automotive industry, has just shared exciting news regarding its advancements in vehicle safety technology. The company has triumphantly completed its inaugural Run at Rate production test for Volvo Cars. This significant step was taken at Luminar’s state-of-the-art, high-capacity manufacturing hub situated in Monterrey, Mexico.

Why It Matters

This achievement is pivotal for the upcoming Volvo EX90 release, where Luminar’s technology will be a default feature in every unit. Clearing the Run at Rate is instrumental for automakers preceding the start of production (SOP) and highlights the integration of Luminar’s technology into mainstream vehicles.

Key Points

  • The Run at Rate is a stringent assessment designed to gauge Luminar’s competence in producing its LiDAR sensors on an automated line. It ensures production rates align with quality, reliability, and performance standards.
  • Kevin Hinge, EVP of Supply Chain and Manufacturing at Luminar, emphasized the strategic importance of passing the Run at Rate. It accentuates Luminar’s foresight in establishing a robust, integrated technology and supply chain infrastructure from its inception. This foundation is proving beneficial as the company transitions to large-scale production.
  • Expressing the weight of this accomplishment, Javier Varela, the COO and Deputy CEO of Volvo Cars, conveyed that Luminar’s contribution is integral in elevating Volvo’s renowned safety standards. He lauded Luminar for its steadfast commitment and performance, especially in successfully navigating the Run at Rate milestone.
  • Additionally, earlier in the month, the first Luminar high-performance LiDAR was installed on a Volvo EX90 at the Charleston factory. This marks another vital checkpoint for Luminar, underscoring its steady progression towards production commencement with Volvo Cars.

Bottom Line

Luminar’s recent success in the Run at Rate production test is a testament to its commitment to spearheading advancements in automotive safety. As Volvo Cars gears up for the EX90 release, Luminar’s integration reaffirms the industry’s push towards smarter, safer vehicles for global consumers.


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