Lidwave’s 4D LiDAR Powers Advanced Simulations on Azure

Lidwave, a cutting-edge LiDAR developer, partners with Cognata and Microsoft to accelerate autonomous vehicle development.

The quest for reliable autonomous vehicles just got a boost with Lidwave’s revolutionary 4D LiDAR sensor hitting Cognata’s new perception platform on Microsoft Azure. This powerful combination, showcasing at CES 2024, promises to redefine sensor simulation for automotive and industrial applications.

Lidwave’s MonoStaticOne sensor is no ordinary LiDAR. It leverages light’s unique properties to capture not just depth, but also instantaneous velocity in real-time. This “4D” data, coupled with its proprietary FCRTM technology, surpasses traditional LiDAR and RADAR, delivering a complete scene understanding without complex post-processing.

Cognata’s ADPH platform provides the perfect stage for Lidwave’s sensor to shine. This highly accurate simulation framework, already integrating diverse sensors like cameras and radar, now boasts manufacturer-approved models for MonoStaticOne. The resulting synergy creates a hyper-realistic virtual environment where developers can test and refine their autonomous systems with unprecedented fidelity.

“This collaboration unlocks new possibilities for autonomous driving, smart cities, and beyond,” says Yehuda Vidal, CEO & Founder of Lidwave. “By partnering with Cognata and Microsoft, we’re empowering innovators to experience the transformative power of 4D LiDAR and push the boundaries of what’s possible.”

At CES 2024 (LVCC West Hall, Booth #6575), Cognata will unveil its enhanced perception platform, featuring Lidwave’s 4D LiDAR in action. Witness how this groundbreaking technology tackles complex safety scenarios, senses roads at astonishing distances, and revolutionizes the future of automated systems.

“We’re thrilled to showcase Lidwave’s 4D LiDAR to the world,” says Danny Atsmon, CEO & Founder of Cognata. “This collaboration fosters closer ties between sensor developers and automotive manufacturers, ultimately paving the way for safer, more advanced vehicles.”

With Lidwave’s 4D LiDAR and Cognata’s simulation expertise, the road to safer, smarter autonomy just got a whole lot clearer.


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