LG Innotek Develops Advanced 5G-V2X Cellular Module for Autonomous Vehicles

What’s Happening: LG Innotek has announced the successful development of an advanced ‘5G-V2X Cellular Module’ for autonomous vehicles, which significantly improves long-distance data transmission and reception. The module is based on Qualcomm’s chip and supports V2X (Vehicle to Everything) communication.

Why It Matters: The ultra-high-speed 5G vehicle communication enabled by this module allows LG Innotek to accelerate its targeting of the self-driving car components market. 5G-V2X Cellular Modules are considered essential elements for safety in autonomous driving, providing critical data transmission and reception for V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle), V2P (vehicle-to-pedestrian), and V2I (vehicle-to-infrastructure) communication.

Key Points:

  • LG Innotek’s 2nd generation 5G-V2X Cellular Module has quadrupled data download speed from 35Mbps to 150Mbps compared to the existing product.
  • The new module has sophisticated temperature control algorithms to minimize signal loss from direct sunlight and heat, allowing for stable V2X communication up to 0.62-0.93 miles through the 5G network.
  • The module has been reduced in size by up to 20%, making it half the size of a credit card, and more convenient to mount inside and outside vehicles.

Bottom Line: LG Innotek’s advanced 5G-V2X Cellular Module is set to play a key role in the future of autonomous driving. The company aims to commercialize the module by 2025 and is actively promoting it to global automobile companies and automotive electronics makers in Europe, the USA, and Japan. The number of cars with 5G communication modules is expected to increase from 1.7 million this year to 21.8 million by 2027, according to market research agency Techno System Research.


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