Konrad Technologies Unveils Cutting-edge HIL Camera Emulator for Advanced Autonomous Driving Solutions

Konrad Technologies introduces the groundbreaking CAMulator, a Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) system, empowering autonomous driving testing with unprecedented real-time data capturing and manipulation capabilities.

What’s Happening

Konrad Technologies (KT) has launched its innovative, camera-centric hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) system designed to streamline autonomous driving (AD) testing. Named the CAMulator, this device bridges the gap between virtual simulators and Electronic Control Units (ECUs), faithfully mimicking the natural operations of a camera.

Why It Matters

By creating a genuine experience of a camera connection, the KT-CAMulator pushes the boundaries of HIL testing, a crucial component in the development of autonomous driving. Test engineers can leverage this advanced tool to validate various camera-dependent ADAS/AD systems, including Lane Keeping Assistance (LKA) and Drowsiness Detection, thereby ensuring a higher level of safety and reliability in autonomous vehicles.

Key Points

The PXIe-based KT-CAMulator, powered by a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), excels in real-time data capturing, manipulation, and generation with ultra-low latency, offering a new level of precision in autonomous vehicle testing. Its open interface easily integrates into existing HIL testing architectures, promoting seamless operations. Furthermore, the KT-CAMulator boasts maximum flexibility due to its integration capabilities with various virtual simulation software. This allows users to customize captured data and scale the system using interchangeable PXIe modules, making it a future-proof investment for autonomous vehicle development.

Bottom Line

The launch of the KT-CAMulator represents a significant leap in HIL testing for autonomous driving solutions, offering unparalleled real-time data handling and customization options. To experience this revolutionary device firsthand, visit Konrad Technologies at booth 1112 in Hall 10 during the Automotive Testing Expo Europe (ATE). Demonstrations of the CAMulator’s capabilities, such as HDMI injection and DUT out with land and objects detection, will be available with onsite technical experts ready to engage in further discussions.


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