Kongsberg Automotive Bolsters Autonomous Vehicle Portfolio with Chassis Autonomy Share Acquisition

What’s Happening

In an ambitious expansion of its autonomous driving product portfolio, Kongsberg Automotive AS (KA) has officially acquired a 20% stake in Chassis Autonomy SBA AB (Chassis Autonomy), a leading innovator in steer-by-wire and brake-by-wire systems. This acquisition was made through a directed rights issue and comes with call options that could result in the acquisition of up to 100% of the total outstanding shares by 2027.

Why It Matters

As the automotive industry embraces a transformative shift towards autonomous driving, this strategic partnership between KA and Chassis Autonomy aims to unlock significant market potential. Chassis Autonomy’s patented fail-operational technology promises to keep vehicles functional even during a system fault or failure. This groundbreaking technology not only assures steering functionality but also prevents potentially dangerous emergency stops, enhancing safety across road and farming vehicles.

Key Points

Chassis Autonomy is a pioneer in creating ‘fail-operational’ solutions for highly automated (L3) and fully autonomous (L4 and L5) vehicles, agricultural, and construction applications, thus offering unique opportunities for KA to strengthen its market position.

KA’s President & CEO Joerg Buchheim underscored the importance of the partnership, stating that the investment “provides a strong foundation for the future with our complementary competences and capabilities,” and empowers customers to integrate this technology into their vehicles today, effectively future-proofing them against costly redesigns.

Bottom Line

As Chassis Autonomy continues its focus on product development, the company aspires to reach a valuation of USD 1 billion and become a unicorn company within the next five years. With KA’s proven track record as a top-tier supplier and its commitment to providing its experience and capabilities to Chassis Autonomy, the path to accelerated growth appears promising. This acquisition solidifies an already successful collaboration between the two companies, setting the stage for a revolutionary advancement in autonomous driving technology.


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