Iteris Unveils Integrated Safety System: Vantage CV

Iteris, Inc., a leader in smart mobility infrastructure, has unveiled Vantage CV™, a cutting-edge system that boosts intersection safety and seamlessly integrates with existing Iteris detection devices. This comprehensive solution combines traffic detection, C-V2X communication, and connected vehicle safety applications, offering:

  • Enhanced Safety: Real-time alerts warn drivers of pedestrians, red-light runners, and other hazards.
  • Scalable Design: Adapts to various intersection configurations and traffic volumes.
  • Complete Coverage: Monitors all approaches to an intersection for comprehensive safety.

Vantage CV leverages existing Iteris technology:

  • Vantage Apex® or Vantage Next® detection systems provide real-time traffic data.
  • BlueTOAD® Spectra CV roadside unit transmits safety alerts to connected vehicles.
  • VantageARGUS CV™ (formerly BlueARGUS™) software visualizes data, calculates travel times, and analyzes corridor dynamics.

Immediate Benefits for Agencies:

  • Deploy in-vehicle technologies on select fleet vehicles like school buses for quick safety improvements, even without widespread V2X adoption.
  • Prepare for the future of V2X with a system that scales and adapts as technology advances.

Iteris CEO Joe Bergera states: “Vantage CV represents a future-proof solution that delivers immediate safety benefits while preparing agencies for the V2X revolution. This, combined with our market-leading detection portfolio, empowers agencies to build smarter cities with improved safety, mobility, and sustainability.”


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