ITC Ends Ouster’s Patent Claim Against Hesai

Hesai Group, the prominent player in the global automotive lidar sector, has publicized that the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) has concluded the investigation of alleged patent infringement initiated by its competitor, Ouster. The ITC’s decision on October 10, 2023, backs the earlier August 24, 2023 ruling, validating Hesai’s request to cease the ITC Action.

Why It Matters

The termination emphasizes the merit of Hesai’s claims against Ouster’s allegations, signifying Ouster’s resistance to honor binding agreements. The ITC Action’s conclusion is particularly notable since it aligns with the prior agreement that disputes should be arbitrated, refuting Ouster’s claims against Hesai.

Key Points

  • Hesai has persistently regarded Ouster’s infringement claims as unfounded.
  • Hesai’s lidar innovations stem from extensive independent research, devoid of IP theft.
  • Ouster’s attempt to disregard their merger partner Velodyne’s patent agreement with Hesai was challenged both ethically and legally.
  • Ouster’s recent public accusations against Hesai’s intentions were groundless.
  • Hesai supports arbitration as the rightful dispute resolution forum, reflecting confidence in their stance.

Bottom Line

The ITC’s decision reaffirms Hesai’s commitment to ethics and legitimate business practices. Their products are the result of meticulous research and innovation. The company firmly counters Ouster’s baseless allegations about data security risks, military usage, and government interference. Hesai’s lidar products prioritize safety, quality, and performance, solidifying their market leadership. Their focus remains on advancing automotive technology while safeguarding user data and privacy.


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