Italdesign and CLIMB-E at CES 2023

MONCALIERI, TURIN, Italy – Italdesign is celebrating its 55th anniversary at CES 2023 in Las Vegas with Climb-E, an autonomous transportation concept, and its fresh and dynamic corporate image. Climb-E embraces the evolution of local, sustainable urban mobility into continuous sustainable urban mobility. Along with its intended privately owned use, Climb-E can bring services to consumers through its ability to integrate into next-gen and future civil and residential structures.

Following the success of its Pop.Up and Pop.Up Next projects in 2017 and 2018, Italdesign continues its mobility innovation and confirms its position as a pioneering technological hub capable of uniting different industrial sectors through advanced case studies. In Climb-E – with Italdesign for horizontal mobility, Schindler for vertical mobility, and Politecnico di Torino for architectural integration – the three have joined to create a visionary but realistic seamless mobility concept featuring Easyrain’s technologies.

Italdesign interprets new forms of future social and commercial activities with Climb-E and presents several examples of services offered straight to people’s doors and addressing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues.

Italdesign showcases the Climb-E concept at CES 2023, along with the innovative company’s fresh and dynamic new corporate image.


Italdesign can provide an organic and integrated set of methods, techniques, and tools aiming at the industrialization of new products and vehicles and offers services for every phase of the process that leads from the initial idea to series production, including the turnkey process.

From consultancy to creativity, from engineering to production of pre-series prototypes and street-legal ultra-limited series, from project management to testing and validation activities, stretching to homologation, legal responsibility for product release, assistance during the start of series production of the finished product, not to mention the mission of being an incubator and an acceleration platform for innovative technologies and radical prototyping: Italdesign is a reliable and expert partner and a hub combining state of the art services with technological and strategic partnerships.


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