Innovusion to Provide Live Experiences of Industry-Leading LiDAR for Autonomous Driving at CES 2023

Innovusion’s award-winning, first mass-produced LiDAR for autonomous driving applications delivers more units than any other LiDAR manufacturers, surpassing 50,000 units delivered in 2022, and is capable of producing 300,000 per year in 2023

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – Innovusion, a global leader in the design and development of image-grade LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology, will showcase its product portfolio for autonomous driving at the Consumer Electronics Show 2023, taking place at the Las Vegas Convention Center, West Hall at booth #6925. Innovusion’s long-range Falcon LiDAR was recently honored with the 2023 CES Innovation Award, a recognition by the Consumer Technology Association for outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products.

Experiencing LiDAR and the Future of Autonomous Driving at CES

At CES, Innovusion’s LiDARs will demonstrate a live exhibition of a bird’s eye view of intersections of booth walkways. Visitors can also experience an immersive and interactive VR journey of Las Vegas landmarks on the Strip. Innovusion’s long-range LiDAR Falcon and mid-to-short-range Robin cover the surrounding view of a vehicle to support safety, comfortableness, and efficiency in many autonomous driving scenarios, including highway pilot, city pilot, and automated parking.

Innovusion’s LiDAR Portfolio

Falcon (the ultimate front view LiDAR)

  • Falcon’s novel architecture with integrated optics and scanning elements provides a 3D real-time point cloud image with simultaneous long-range and high-resolution picture, setting a higher standard for autonomous driving.
  • Falcon can detect objects at distance up to 500 meters, and even dark objects with 10% reflectivity up to 250 meters with 90% POD (probability of detection).
  • The first product of its kind being mass-produced for consumer vehicles, Falcon was integrated as part of the standard sensor system providing key information for NIO’s new car models, the ET7, ET5, and ES7 (EL7) in 2022, lowering barriers to entry to high-performance autonomous driving for the broad consumer base.

Robin (the ideal side view LiDAR)

  • Robin is an automotive-grade mid-to-short-range LiDAR built based on the latest electronic and photonic technologies. It produces a 3D point cloud image of its surroundings with a 905nm wavelength laser.
  • Robin is modularly designed and can be highly customized to meet the various requirements of different customers. Its optical window and body frame can fit a variety of vehicle exterior designs. Its ultra-compact size allows Robin to be integrated onto side fenders, headlights, rear lights, or bumpers.
  • Robin can detect objects of 10% reflectivity up to 180 meters away with 90% POD under 100K LUX.
  • Robin has a horizontal field of view up to 140° and a vertical field of view of up to 90°. Its resolution reaches 0.2 x 0.2°.
  • As an ideal LiDAR for the side view of a vehicle, Robin can be used for highway lane changing, traffic merging, unprotected intersection turning, roundabout driving, and urban cruising.

Industry-leading Growth

By the end of 2022, Innovusion delivered more than 50,000 image-grade long-range Falcon LiDAR units for production vehicles – the highest delivery volume of any LiDAR manufacturer in the world – while in 2023 the company will achieve a production capacity over 300,000 per year, and can easily be expanded within months to support future demands from global OEMs (original equipment manufacturers). It is the only LiDAR solution provider with a complete product portfolio with long-range front view and mid-to-short-range side view LiDARs.

“Integration of advanced safety systems is key to driving the rapidly expanding global market for autonomous vehicles, which is slated to reach $125.67 billion by the end of this decade,” said Junwei Bao, CEO and Co-Founder of Innovusion. “We are proud to premier this technology and showcase the future of consumer driving and acquisition.”


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