Innoviz Technologies on Track to Deliver LiDAR Technology for CARIAD’s Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

What’s Happening

Innoviz Technologies Ltd., a leading Tier-1 direct supplier of high-performance automotive grade LiDAR sensors and perception software, has announced that it is progressing as planned in delivering LiDAR technology for CARIAD’s future advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and automated driving functions. Since selecting Innoviz as its direct LiDAR supplier, CARIAD and Innoviz have been collaborating closely to address unique engineering requirements and optimize processes that will support LiDAR-enabled ADAS and automated driving systems.

Why It Matters

The integration of LiDAR technology into ADAS and automated driving systems is crucial for improving road safety and driving efficiency. By working together, Innoviz and CARIAD aim to accelerate the adoption of LiDAR, improving time to market and reducing overall system costs. This partnership underscores the growing importance of LiDAR technology in the automotive industry and its potential to revolutionize driving experiences.

Key Points

  • Innoviz and CARIAD are actively engaged in advanced testing and on-road validation of their LiDAR technology for ADAS and automated driving systems.
  • The companies are evaluating concepts to expedite the integration of LiDAR systems to enhance time to market and lower overall system costs.
  • Innoviz CEO and Co-Founder, Omer Keilaf, expressed excitement about the potential expansion of their partnership with CARIAD and the acceleration of LiDAR adoption.
  • Anton Stippler, Head of LIDAR and Camera development at CARIAD, highlighted Innoviz’s automotive experience, technological expertise, flexibility, and creativity as key reasons for choosing them as a LiDAR partner.

Bottom Line

Innoviz Technologies is successfully moving forward with its collaboration with CARIAD to deliver LiDAR technology for the latter’s advanced driver assistance systems and automated driving functions. This partnership highlights the potential for LiDAR to play a significant role in the future of driving and underscores the importance of continued innovation in the automotive industry. With their ongoing advanced testing and on-road validation, Innoviz and CARIAD are well-positioned to make a substantial impact on the development and implementation of safer and more efficient driving technologies.


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