Innoviz Technologies Advances LiDAR Development for BMW’s Future Vehicles

Innoviz Technologies, a global leader in LiDAR technology, has announced its collaboration with BMW Group to develop B-Samples of a new LiDAR platform. This development is aimed at the next generation of BMW’s automated vehicles. The partnership follows years of joint work on an existing program, which will see the first deployment of LiDAR-enabled highly automated technology on the BMW 7 Series later this year.

Why It Matters

LiDAR technology is a critical component for Level 3 and higher automated functions. The collaboration between Innoviz and BMW Group is significant as it aims to optimize LiDAR technologies and costs, making Level 3 highly automated driving more accessible. The successful completion of this first B-sample phase could lead to a serial development agreement between the two companies, expanding advanced automated capabilities across a broader range of BMW vehicles.

Key Points

  • Innoviz is developing a B-Sample for an enhanced solution portfolio, which includes the InnovizTwo second Generation LiDAR, an all-new InnovizCore compute box, and a suite of advanced AI-powered software solutions.
  • The partnership will also focus on developing a first-ever LiDAR based Minimal Risk Maneuver (MRM) system. This secondary safety driving decision platform will leverage the advanced performance, reliability, and resiliency of the InnovizTwo LiDAR to manage real-time driving decisions.
  • Innoviz is investing heavily in software development, with approximately half of its research and development investment focused on this area. The company is using artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced machine learning to accelerate the development and upgrade cycles of its software suite and expand its core software capabilities.

Bottom Line

The collaboration between Innoviz Technologies and BMW Group marks a significant step forward in the development of automated driving technologies. By focusing on optimizing LiDAR technologies and costs, the partnership aims to make Level 3 highly automated driving more accessible, potentially transforming the future of the automotive industry.


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