Inceptio Technology announces 10 million kilometers of autonomous truck commercial mileage

SHANGHAI – Inceptio Technology, an autonomous driving truck technology, and operating company, recently announced that the commercial operation mileage of trucks equipped with their level 3 autonomous “Xuanyuan” system has exceeded 10 million kilometers in China.

The milestone is a result of autonomous driving industry’s growing focus on mass production and commercial deployment. The heavy-duty truck preloaded with Inceptio’s Xuanyuan system was first mass-produced in late 2021. By now, Xuanyuan system has been preloaded to multiple heavy-duty truck models, which serve diversified line-haul freight demands such as heavy load and light cargo.

The trucks powered by Inceptio’s level 3 autonomous Xuanyuan system have been in daily commercial operations on a large scale due to their proven economical and safety superiority over manual driving trucks. The commercial operation covers China’s four economic circles of the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, and Central China, as well as the main transportation routes across China, serving nearly 20 leading logistics companies in the fields of express and less-than-truckload logistics.

Unveiled in March 2021, Xuanyuan system is based on Inceptio’s full stack autonomous technology and can effectively handle a variety of transport conditions, including changeable weather, day and night, plains or mountains, and light cargo or heavy loads.

According to Julian Ma, Founder & CEO of Inceptio Technology, “The milestone of 10 million kilometers is a testimony to the strengths of our Xuanyuan system and the strong market demand of autonomous trucks. The development of our full-stack autonomous technology is accelerating by leveraging our fast-growing mass production volume and rapidly accumulating real-world data asset. We are confident to create more substantial economic and safety benefit to logistics customers through Xuanyuan System.”


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