Hyundai Mobis targets the future mobility market with its integrated 5G V2X solution

Hyundai Mobis secures integrated control technology for both a 5G communication module and V2X and is ready to make a full-scale entry into the autonomous driving and connected car market

SEOUL, South Korea – Hyundai Mobis announced that it has successfully developed a groundbreaking 5G communication module for automotive use, which is essential in bringing about future mobility services. The 5G communication module for automotive use is a technology based on 5G mobile connectivity designed to provide ultra-high-speed connections, ultra-low latency, and hyperconnectivity. It is seen as vital technology for advancing autonomous driving and the connected system, based on large-volume data processing and real-time connections.

This 5G communication module combines a communication chip, memory, an RF circuit, and GPS, with the company intending to use this technology in the telematics service for 5G connected vehicles.

Telematics refers to technology that makes use of a mobile communications network to share vehicle information with an external control center to deliver enhanced safety, convenience, and infotainment experiences. Prime examples of telematics are remote vehicle control, OTA updates, real-time traffic data sharing, and eCall (an emergency-call system).

Hyundai Mobis intends to reach the global audience with an integrated solution based on the V2X communication technology and its newly developed 5G communication technology.

The solution features a broad range of transport applications for enhanced safety and convenience for drivers: sensor-data sharing between vehicles, automatic deceleration in school zones, and vehicle control in emergencies. This is, however, still in the early stage of development and is thus categorized as a technology for the future of mobility. Today, luxury automakers around the world are in the R&D race to deploy an integrated 5G V2X solution in cars.

Joon-bae Choi, the head of the Connectivity & Sound Sector at Hyundai Mobis, said, “We will strive to develop differentiated mobility technology that merges the integrated 5G V2X technology with the existing autonomous vehicle sensors and our IVI technology, which gives us a competitive advantage over rivals.”


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