Hyundai Mobis and Ottopia Partner to Develop Autonomous Mobility Solutions

Hyundai Mobis and Ottopia will work together to provide a remote mobility assistance (RMA) platform that enables the commercialization of autonomous mobility.

SEOUL, South Korea and TEL AVIV, Israel – Hyundai Mobis, the global automotive supplier, and Ottopia, the global leader in teleoperation software, today announced a partnership to develop an end-to-end remote mobility assistance solution that enables the commercialization of autonomous mobility.

Hyundai Mobis’ Remote Mobility Assistance (RMA) is a platform for autonomous and automated vehicles that enables vehicle and convenience services deployed on a high-performance ECU with state-of-the-art 5G multi-modem technologies and Human Machine Interfaces. Vehicle services may include teleoperation, remote diagnostics, Over-The-Air updates (OTA), and fleet management, whereas convenience services focus on passengers. The platform is designed as a multi-partition architecture that can scale from vehicles without passengers, like trucks and industrial vehicles, to vehicles with passengers, like robotaxis and shuttle buses.

Ottopia’s teleoperation software enables autonomous vehicle fleets to do things they otherwise cannot while allowing their developers to cut R&D costs and comply with regulatory requirements dramatically. With Ottopia, humans in a remote center can safely monitor, guide, and directly control fleets of vehicles. The core of its patented technology provides a reliable, low-latency and the high-bandwidth link between vehicles and remote centers at scale. Ottopia’s product leverages proprietary networking, video, control, safety, and cybersecurity technologies.

In the framework of their partnership, Hyundai Mobis and Ottopia will work together to introduce an end-to-end remote mobility assistance solution where Ottopia provides all the core software technologies for teleoperation. In contrast, Hyundai Mobis provides the hardware/software platform and system integration as a global Tier 1. This remote assistance platform can be easily deployed at scale in a broad range of use cases to facilitate the rapid commercialization of autonomy in transportation, logistics, construction, mining, agriculture, and last-mile delivery.

“Hyundai Mobis Remote Mobility Assistance is an innovation platform for autonomous vehicles where OEMs and mobility service providers (MSPs) will be able to innovate and bring new services to their end customers, unleashing the enormous potential for new business models. Through our partnership with Ottopia, we bring Teleoperation as first of many services to be deployed on RMA.” says Abdul Khaliq, head of Future Mobility Transformation SW of Hyundai Mobis.

“This partnership allows autonomous and automation developers in all industries to cut their R&D spend, commercialize faster and meet regulatory requirements for deployment.” says Amit Rosenzweig, Founder and CEO of Ottopia. “It really is a game changer for autonomy and we’re very excited to work with Hyundai Mobis in bringing it to life.”


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