Humanetics and Mcity Join Forces to Improve Active Safety Testing

In a move designed to propel mobility innovation forward, Humanetics and Mcity have announced a collaborative partnership aimed at advancing active safety testing technologies. The venture will provide a platform at the University of Michigan’s Mcity Test Facility for the joint development of cutting-edge software and robots for new mobility applications. The initiative will aid both commercial and academic researchers in conducting detailed and precise evaluations of nascent autonomous and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) technologies.

Why It Matters

Mark Westen, President of Humanetics Safety, said that this collaborative effort “will accelerate the development and deployment of connected and automated vehicle technologies,” underscoring its potential impact on the transportation sector. The partnership will support ongoing efforts aimed at creating a safer, more efficient, and sustainable transportation ecosystem. It comes at a crucial time as traffic deaths remain high, with more than 42,000 fatalities reported on U.S. roads in 2022, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.

Key Points

The partnership will focus on:

  • Providing Mcity with Humanetics’ Active Safety robotic test platforms, designed to simulate various road users, including pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, and children.
  • Offering training services and introducing TrackBase Connect, a comprehensive software solution to manage complex test scenarios.
  • Incorporating Humanetics’ robots into Mcity’s Safety Assessment Program, a two-step protocol for testing automated vehicles‘ safety before public deployment.
  • Using the robots within the Mcity Test Facility to explore infrastructure safety applications related to future urban planning.
  • Humanetics will become an affiliate member of Mcity, a public-private mobility research partnership led by the University of Michigan.

Bottom Line

This partnership will play a crucial role in enhancing active safety testing. By integrating Humanetics’ dynamic test system into the Mcity Test Facility environment, testing setup will be simplified and complex tests can be conducted more swiftly and effortlessly. Humanetics and Mcity are eager about the potential impact of their collaboration on the future of connected and automated vehicles, pledging to push the boundaries of safety testing and facilitate the adoption of innovative technologies that will shape the transportation landscape for years to come.


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