Horizon Robotics Unveils Mass Production Plan for SuperDrive™ AD Solution

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Horizon Robotics, a leading provider of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD) solutions, has announced its mass production plan for the SuperDrive™ AD solution. This groundbreaking technology aims to deliver smooth, human-like autonomous driving across urban, highway, and parking scenarios, significantly enhancing safety and convenience for consumers.

Key Highlights:

  • SuperDrive Mass Production Timeline: Horizon Robotics plans to collaborate with major automotive brands and Tier-1 suppliers by Q2 2024. A mass-production-ready version is expected by Q4 2024, with the first SuperDrive-powered vehicle rolling off the production line by Q3 2025.
  • Human-Like Driving Experience: SuperDrive leverages Horizon’s software and hardware co-optimization to achieve seamless autonomous driving, mirroring the skills of an experienced human driver. It navigates complex traffic scenarios with smooth driving and human-like interactions.
  • Advanced Traffic Management: SuperDrive-equipped vehicles can efficiently manage intricate traffic situations, such as navigating busy intersections and responding safely to car accidents by assessing and adjusting to the optimal speed or lane change.
  • Industry Challenges Addressed: The SuperDrive solution effectively tackles industry challenges like high latency, extensive rule sets, and perception architecture loads, paving the way for widespread adoption and mass production of smart driving systems.

Horizon Robotics’ SuperDrive™ AD solution sets a new standard in the autonomous driving industry. By providing a human-like driving experience, it enhances the safety and comfort of road users. For instance, at bustling intersections, SuperDrive-equipped vehicles can observe the environment, select the best moment to turn, and maneuver safely, mirroring the decision-making process of an experienced driver. This capability ensures a smooth and safe journey even in complex traffic scenarios.

In terms of commercialization, Horizon Robotics is on track to collaborate with several leading automotive brands and Tier-1 suppliers in the second quarter of 2024. By the fourth quarter of 2024, the company aims to have a mass-production-ready version of SuperDrive, with the first vehicle powered by this technology expected to be produced by the third quarter of 2025. This ambitious timeline underscores the company’s commitment to advancing the autonomous driving industry.

Dr. Yu Kai, Founder and CEO of Horizon Robotics, highlighted the company’s integrated software and hardware strategy, which has driven significant business growth and industry recognition. He stated, “Leveraging Horizon SuperDrive and our collaborative efforts with industry partners, our goal is to accelerate the deployment of ADAS and AD solutions, steering the industry towards a future in which smart driving is accessible to all.”

The release of Horizon SuperDrive, alongside Horizon Mono™ and Horizon Pilot™ assisted driving solutions, strengthens Horizon Robotics’ position as a leading provider of ADAS and AD solutions. The company’s vision is to empower every passenger vehicle with its cutting-edge technologies, ensuring safer and more comfortable driving experiences.

About Horizon Robotics:

Horizon Robotics is a prominent provider of ADAS and AD solutions for passenger vehicles, utilizing proprietary software and hardware technologies. Its innovative solutions combine advanced algorithms, specialized software, and state-of-the-art processing hardware to enhance the safety and experience of drivers and passengers.

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