Horizon Robotics Partners with Aptiv, Wind River

Horizon Robotics has announced a strategic partnership with global technology firm, Aptiv PLC and its subsidiary, Wind River, in China. This collaboration is set to promote the advancement of automated driving in the nation through the unification of software and hardware solutions.

Why It Matters

This marks a significant move for Aptiv as it’s their inaugural collaboration with a Chinese native supplier that specializes in auto grade computing solutions for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and automated driving. The objective of this partnership is to reshape and invigorate the Chinese automotive realm by amalgamating the distinct expertise of each entity. This would elevate the driving experience, ensuring enhanced safety and convenience for Chinese motorists.

Key Points

  • Horizon Robotics is a forerunner in offering energy-efficient computing solutions tailored for ADAS in consumer automobiles.
  • Aptiv PLC, recognized for propelling a safer, greener, and more interconnected mobility, has Wind River, a vanguard in crafting software for mission-critical intelligent systems, as a subsidiary.
  • The partnership envisions creating integrated hardware and software solutions specifically for civil automakers in China. Notable integrations include:
    • Horizon’s proprietary Journey™ series computing solutions.
    • Wind River’s suite such as VxWorks® RTOS, Wind River Helix™ Virtualization Platform, Wind River Linux, and Wind River Studio.
  • Initial products to harness this integrated approach are Aptiv’s progressive smart cameras and centralized multi-domain controllers, aligning with Aptiv’s ADAS strategy, aptly fitting the distinct needs of the Chinese demographic.

Bottom Line

The partnership symbolizes a dynamic shift towards an innovative, open, and collaborative automotive ecosystem in China. Horizon Robotics, in line with its vision, will maintain a proactive stance in China’s automotive digital transformation. The firm envisions releasing further energy-efficient and user-centric solutions, fortifying its collaboration with partners like Aptiv and Wind River. Together, they aim to not only enhance the driving experience but also fashion a “third living space” beyond the conventional home and office milieu for the Chinese populace.


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