Honda and Teito Motor Transportation Launch Autonomous Vehicle Mobility Service in Central Tokyo

TOKYO, Japan – Honda Mobility Solutions (HMS) has signed an agreement with Teito Motor Transportation Co., Ltd. (Teito) and kokusai motorcars Co., Ltd. (km Group) to launch an autonomous vehicle mobility service in central Tokyo in the mid-2020s.

Honda seeks to roll out its MaaS service in Japan in the mid-2020s using the Cruise Origin, a vehicle Cruise, General Motors, and Honda are jointly developing solely for use in an autonomous vehicle mobility service.

HMS is accountable for Honda MaaS business functions in Japan and seeks to offer new on-demand driverless mobility services to fix traffic/transportation-related problems in urban areas, offering unique comfort and value for its customers and community. To this end, based on the agreement, HMS will join forces with Teito and km Group to examine how autonomous vehicle mobility services to be provided as safe, convenient, and comfortable that customers can use with peace of mind.

Preparing for the start of service in central Tokyo, Honda, and HMS will strengthen coordination and collaboration with all stakeholders, including transportation service providers and local municipalities, while also preparing to complete various testing programs, including testing autonomous driving technologies.


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