Hesai Partners with Neta Auto for Lidar Tech

Hesai Technology has announced a strategic partnership with Neta Auto to provide their latest ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems) lidar design for Neta Auto’s forthcoming series production vehicle. Set to launch in the first half of 2025, the vehicle will be equipped with Hesai’s ultra-high resolution long-range AT128 lidar.

Why It Matters

Neta Auto has been a prominent player in the smart EV market, delivering over 10,000 units monthly, and holding a remarkable 350,000-strong customer base by September 2023. Their leadership extends to high electric vehicle registrations in Thailand, alongside a growing international presence in areas like ASEAN, South America, and the Middle East. Their commitment to innovation is evident in their previous offerings, such as the 2022-introduced “NNP” highway navigation function. Collaborating with Hesai, a recognized leader in the lidar domain, further underscores Neta Auto’s intent to remain at the vanguard of EV technology and intelligent driving experiences.

Key Points

  • Neta Auto is set to strengthen its global market stance with a new international headquarters in Hong Kong.
  • The collaboration with Hesai will focus on upgrading Neta Auto’s NETA PILOT intelligent driving system.
  • Hesai’s AT128 lidar boasts:
    • Automotive-grade, long-range capabilities.
    • A standout resolution of 1200×128.
    • Real-time 3D data output at an impressive 1.53 million points per second.
    • A detection range up to 200 meters, ensuring detailed object outlining.
    • Cumulative deliveries of over 130,000 AT128 units since its inception.
  • Hesai’s soon-to-complete Maxwell Center in Shanghai is set to be a hub for lidar R&D, production, and testing, boasting a 90% automation rate in its operations.

Bottom Line

This partnership between Hesai and Neta Auto is a significant move in the EV and autonomous driving sectors. By integrating Hesai’s advanced lidar technology, Neta Auto’s new vehicle series is poised to offer superior, cutting-edge driving functionalities. As both companies continue their collaborative endeavors, they are set to push the envelope in developing and deploying intelligent driving technologies for diverse applications.


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