Hesai Partners with Leapmotor for Lidar

Hesai Technology recently unveiled its collaboration with Leapmotor, a prominent Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer. This alliance will see Hesai supplying its AT128 long-range lidar to Leapmotor for their forthcoming production vehicle series.

Since its inception in 2015, Leapmotor has been committed to creating a seamless and secure driving experience, which is evident in its “LeapPilot” intelligent driving assistance system. This system continuously brings forth advanced driving upgrades to serve its customer base.

On the other side, Hesai’s AT128 lidar, tailored for ADAS, has registered impressive delivery figures, going beyond 20,000 units monthly ever since its mass production kick-started the previous year. As of Q2 2023, Hesai has surpassed a cumulative delivery of over 130,000 units, backing several series production vehicles from distinguished OEMs.

Key Points:

  • Hesai Technology collaborates with Leapmotor.
  • Leapmotor’s upcoming vehicle series to feature Hesai’s AT128 long-range lidar.
  • Hesai’s AT128 has achieved over 20,000 monthly deliveries since its inception.
  • Leapmotor’s “LeapPilot” system offers advanced intelligent driving features.
  • Hesai recognized as the No.1 automotive lidar company by Yole Intelligence for two consecutive years.

Bottom Line:

This collaboration is a testament to Leapmotor’s trust in Hesai’s superior product quality and its ability to handle mass production. Looking ahead, these two industry frontrunners are set to combine their unparalleled expertise. Their shared vision is to further penetrate the global EV sector, ensuring that users globally benefit from a smarter and more secure riding experience.


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