Hesai Lidar Announces ADAS Design Win for Changan’s New Series Production Vehicles

SHANGHAI – Hesai Technology announced its official cooperation with Changan Automobile. A variety of Changan’s new car models will carry AT128 – Hesai’s automotive-grade, high-performance lidar.

Changan is one of China’s largest auto brands, owning multiple market-leading car models, and now it’s transforming to become a leading EV brand.

In August 2022, Changan announced its smart car digital platform – SDA architecture – on the second Changan Auto Tech Ecosystem Summit. The architecture features “pluggable hardware, programmable scenarios, on-demand ecology, and self-evolving system”, anchoring its development of smart cars.

AT128 is an automotive-grade, long-range main lidar designed for ADAS series production vehicles. In September, Hesai became the first lidar company to ever achieve a monthly delivery of over 10,000 units. AT128 has 128 integrated laser channels, reaching a point frequency of over 1.53 million per second. Its ultra-high-resolution scanning provides vehicles with 3D perception capabilities in real time.

Changan has chosen Hesai for its excellent product performance and mass production capabilities. In the future, AT128 will serve as one of the core sensing components in Changan’s SDA architecture, continuously empowering Changan’s series production vehicles.


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