Hesai Forms Partnership with Inertial Labs

What’s Happening

Hesai Technology (HSAI) has disclosed the commencement of a multi-year Technology Partnership Agreement with Inertial Labs, a top-tier manufacturer of mobile robotics navigation systems and inertial measurement units. The global leader, Inertial Labs, has chosen Hesai’s lidar sensors to furnish perception and navigation prowess to its autonomous systems for marine, land, and aerial-based robotics.

Why It Matters

Hesai’s lidar sensor technology is pivotal in enabling robotics systems to function autonomously and safely, eliminating the need for human intervention. These sensors deliver real-time 3D point cloud data, vital for localization, obstacle detection, and path planning. Moreover, Hesai’s low-power sensors are adept at supporting autonomous mobile systems under a wide range of outdoor environmental conditions, including precipitation from rain, snow, and fog, and varied lighting conditions.

Key Points

Jamie Marraccini, the CEO of Inertial Labs, praised Hesai’s sensor technology, highlighting its aptitude for precise and reliable 3D measurements. He stated, “Inertial Labs is a company with a rich history in hardware engineering. Our mission is to develop cutting-edge solutions that drive the adoption of advanced sensor-fusion navigation and perception technologies at more affordable costs.”

Inertial Labs’ dedication to quality and product excellence is reflected in their meticulous testing processes and worldwide customer feedback system. Their research has led them to conclude that Hesai’s lidar sensors are the optimal choice for their high-performing products.

Frank Bertini, the Director of Technical Marketing, also spotlighted the integration of Inertial Labs’ navigation and Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) with the lidar data stream. He pointed out, “With this fused data stream, customer’s robotic systems can expertly navigate a variety of Operational Design Domains (ODDs) from the land, sea, and air.”

Bottom Line

The strategic partnership between Hesai Technology and Inertial Labs represents a significant advancement in the field of autonomous navigation systems. By leveraging Hesai’s lidar sensor technology, Inertial Labs intends to augment its product capabilities and optimize the performance of its robotics systems across multiple domains. This collaboration showcases the potential for sensor-fusion technologies to revolutionize the future of autonomous systems.


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